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Welcome to my page,

   I'm Mariann. Having trained extensively with top schools of both contemporary and classical Pilates, to advanced level I am an expert in the method. For over a decade I have been committed to help people through Pilates to regain their fitness and wellbeing, recover from injuries and surgeries, and live more fulfilling lives. 

    I know from personal experience that pain and discomfort can spoil your everyday life and take the joy out of it. If you have been looking for a way to manage chronic pain, musculoskeletal problems, further your fitness mindfully to avoid injuries, you don't need to look any further. Pilates quite literally has got your back!


    My years of experience ensure that I teach with a keen eye for detail, helping you learn to move more efficiently and effortlessly, rediscovering a sense of freedom what you may have forgotten you ever had. In my PRIVATE STUDIO in Crouch End, we can work tailored to your specific needs and goals on the unique Pilates apparatus including the Reformer. In Highgate at Jacksons Lane I teach Matwork classes for small groups.

     Pain and discomfort don't have to be your norm, under my expert guidance you can transform your health and fitness to return your zest of life!


Hear from clients about how Pilates has changed their lives:

White Structure


Scientist, Highgate

Private sessions

"I have had many different Pilates teachers over the years, but Mariann is by far the best teacher ever. Her ability to fine tune her workouts to repair and strengthen my posture and body has been life-changing for me. I no longer have back or shoulder pain and am much fitter and stronger. I am now going twice per week and loving how it makes me feel. She is a delightful woman and I can not recommend her highly enough."


Tattoo artist, Highgate 

Private sessions

"Really effective and considerate teacher who's been able to help a great deal with a long term hip injury- not only is Mariann a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor but she's also very good at teaching in a light and positive way that encourages you in the right direction rather than using negativity or the idea that there is a strict wrong and right which is a very refreshing approach, would very much recommend her to anyone."

Varsha ,

group classes at Jacksons Lane, Highgate

"Mariann deeply understands how Pilates helps the human body. I always come away from her class feeling stronger, lighter and refreshed. She provides individual attention and advices on different postures based on your body's ability. I super highly recommend her."


Tech CEO, New Southgate

Private sessions

Mariann is an amazing teacher and has helped to completely reshape my body.

I suffered from chronic back problems and Pilates was suggested to me as an alternative to surgery. Now after starting Pilates with Mariann as a beginner on a mat and progressing to more advanced reformer Pilates my back is better than it ever was and I have much greater strength and flexibility all round. I would recommend Pilates to anyone looking to reverse the aging process, deal with a back issue or just become stronger and more flexible.

I highly recommend Mariann, she has the empathy required to help on your path and a love for Pilates which is truly inspiring.


Pianist & composer, Crouch End

Private sessions

Mariann has helped me with the recovery from two serious spinal surgeries treating a bulging disc.
When I first started classes I was still struggling to do basic things, but I now have a much stronger and flexible body and am able to do things like I used to do before the operations.

Mariann is an awesome and lovely person who is very easy to get on with. She is very kind and patient, which has been important for me as I have had tough emotional moments on the road to recovery.
The classes are specifically pinpointed to what is needed at any particular time, so there is a flexible and bespoke approach to the individuals needs.

If anyone has had any issues with an injury or surgery or even if they would just like to improve their strength / posture in general I would highly recommend one on one classes with Mariann!

“Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace, and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play, and in the way you work.“

Joseph Pilates


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