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" I am passionate about teaching and eager to provide a safe environment for you to learn Pilates at its best, and help you return your zest of life through movement!"



About me 

        Why Pilates? 

      As a child I broke my foot what left me permanently weaker on one of my sides resulting in back and hip pain that stopped me from doing the activities that I loved. Like many I didn't know that exercise can be transformative and corrective. I suffered for years without the right help until I found the Pilates method. On my first class I instantly fell in love with the exercises and how they made me feel! They not only provided long lasting relief but gave me confidence in my body .

         My education:

        I found Pilates so healing that I wanted to give this gift to others so I have soon became a teacher myself by completing full studio training with the contemporary Stott Pilates. Then seeking for more knowledge I went on to study the classical method to advanced level through the rigorous training of The Pilates Center (Colorado) often referred to as "The Harvard of Pilates schools" due its high standards for teacher training. You can read about my training program here:

        I draw my inspiration from the many years of continuous practise and training with top teacher trainers in this unique method helped me develop an  'eagle's eye' to quickly identify what's hindering your body's natural, organic movement. I am always curious to learn more about the human body and I continue practising Pilates so I can live and teach better. 




  Who are my clients and what do I teach:


          My approach is not one-size-fits-all, it's CLEAR and TARGETED to best serve your body. I assess what you need taking into consideration injuries, prior experience and your current life and goals. I get to know your body, notice the wrong movement patters, muscular imbalances and help you replace them with healthier ones. We work together to create a better balance in your body. My clients range from 15 to 85 years of age including advanced students, Pilates teachers as well as complete beginners. With training in both remedial aspects as well as in the full advanced level of the classical repertoire, I am able to meet you where YOU are on YOUR Pilates journey.

         Many of my clients have come to me very limited from serious injuries and surgeries. While Pilates is a wonderful healing method that can support you in  difficult times for your body, I am also eager to help you move forward to find VITALITY which often results in people feeling stronger and  fitter than they were before their injuries.




"The mind when housed in a healthful body posesses a glorious sense of power"
                                                                  Joseph Pilates

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